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          Flywheel automatic balancing machine balancing display effect by leaps and bounds
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          Flywheel automatic balancing machine is fully automatic machine dynamic balancing for flywheel, flywheel will have better performance in the process of dynamic balancing machine after, so what is the flywheel, and has what effect, dynamic balance of flywheel will produce what effect?
          What is the flywheel?
          Wheel (Flying), is a very large inertia moment of the disk parts, its role is equivalent to an energy storage device. For each of the four stroke engine, each of the four piston process work once, only after stroke at work, while the exhaust, intake and compression stroke to power consumption three. Therefore, the output torque of the crankshaft changes periodically and the crankshaft speed is unstable. In order to improve the situation, the flywheel is installed at the rear end of the crankshaft.
          Flywheel effect
          If the engine flywheel is arranged on the rear end of the crankshaft, with rotational inertia, it is the role of the engine energy stored, overcome the other parts of the resistance, so that the crankshaft rotation; through the clutch is installed on the flywheel, connect the engine and drive; and engage the starter, so the engine starting. And it is the integration of the crankshaft position sensor and speed sensor.
          During the power stroke engine crankshaft transmission to energy, in addition to the external output, as well as part of the energy to be absorbed so that the crankshaft flywheel, the speed does not increase a lot. In the exhaust, air intake and compression of the three stroke, the flywheel will be stored energy to compensate for the work of the three stroke, so that the crankshaft speed will not be reduced too much. Equivalent to the role of the balance of the crankshaft. The flywheel automatic balancing machine is to balance the flywheel itself, to ensure the working state of the flywheel.
          If the flywheel is installed on the power output end of the crankshaft, which is connected to the gearbox and power equipment. The main function of the flywheel is stored outside the engine power stroke and inertial energy. Flywheel with large inertia. Because each engine cylinder work is not continuous, so the engine speed is changing. When the engine speed increases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel energy storage to increase; when the engine speed is reduced, the kinetic energy of the flywheel is reduced, energy is released. The flywheel can be used to reduce the speed fluctuation of the engine.
          In addition to the above effect, there are other features: 1 flywheel flywheel is active friction clutch; 2 in flywheel rim is to start with the engine flywheel ring gear; 3 in flywheel is engraved on the upper dead point mark, used to calibrate the ignition timing or fuel injection timing, and adjust the valve clearance.
          Why do you use the flywheel automatic balancing machine for dynamic balancing of the flywheel?
          We know, whether the flywheel installed on the power output of engine crankshaft end or the rear end of the crankshaft, flywheel effect will be under the working state of the kinetic energy, after a certain time accumulation may lead to deformation of the workpiece and the flywheel is not stable, so we have to plant the flywheel higher requirement.
          If the flywheel has not been flywheel automatic balance correction, machine balance first, flywheel can balance stability is not high, it is easy to use in the short term after many unbalance leads have a significant impact on overall operation; secondly, if not balanced flywheel checking, it is not good to other parts of the resistance of restraint that will lead to the rotation of the crankshaft is not uniform, resulting in potential safety problems; thirdly, each engine cylinder does not work continuously, without a stable balance of the flywheel, the speed fluctuation of the engine in the process will be very light, let the user experience degree of variation, while lead to overall instability risk.

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